Mrs. McHugh

"The Beautiful Thing About Learning is that No One Can Take It Away From You." BB King
My name is Mrs. Connie McHugh and I am a graduate of Holy Family University. I have been teaching since 1990 in both the elementary and middle school levels. I have been at Armstrong since 2002 and am proud to be apart of this amazing staff and school community. As always I look forward to another educationally engaging, academic year. You can find me in room D-2.

7th grade English Language Arts will include reading and analyzing nonfiction and fiction texts,including memoirs, informational articles, short stories, poems and novels. We focus on and develop grammar skills, vocabulary and the entire writing process. Students build on communication skills that enable critical listening and thinking.

This course is intense and runs two periods a day. We will use specific apps and websites daily, so be sure to have your Ipad fully charged. Your attendance and participation in class is crucial. 

Please access the parent portal (icampus) for weekly updates on tests, homework and classwork grades.

Students will join my Google Classroom for announcements and assignments. This code will be distributed in class.

 Feel free to contact me.

You can email me: 
You can call me : 267 599-2070 ext.4072


Supplies needed:
 Marble Composition Book (no spiral)
1 Folder (ELA only)
Glue sticks
colored pencils for editing
Independent reading book grade level or higher
Charged Ipad (school will provide)

ELA (Common Core )

 Content Covered during the month of September:

The Biography of Eleanor Roosevelt by William Jay Jacobs NF
A Day's Wait by Ernest Hemingway F
Informational Articles- NF
Reading Strategies
Vocabulary -definitions, parts of speech, application 
Chronological Order
Transition Words
Main Idea
Roots and Affixes
Text Dependent Analysis (TDA)- how to compose and analyze
Daily Edits ( grammar)
4 Kinds of Sentences

Content and Skills covered during October and November:

Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan- NF essay
Tales of A Childhood by Roald Dahl- NF Memoir
Informational Articles/passages to identify and analyze how text is organized- NF
Here be Dragons by Flo Ota Lange -NF
Gentlemen of the Road by Mara Rockcliff- NF
A Good Reason to Look UP by Shaquille O'Neil- NF essay

Text Structures: compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution,description/spatial,question/answer,sequential, and chronological

Narrative Writing Piece
Vocabulary development
Grammar: adjectives, nouns, prepositional phrases; pronouns-antecedent agreement
Editing grammar and sentences structure
Thesis statement
Informational/ Compare/Contrast Essay -Writing