Mrs. Gravuer

8th Grade US History


Week of 10/16-10/20
This week we will finishing up slavery and abolitionism. Students will also learn about John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry to determine whether or not he should be remembered as a martyr or as a terrorist. Students will analyze several primary source documents to come up with their own opinion about John Brown and then create a tombstone for him showing him either as a martyr or as a terrorist.
Monday: Finish Classwork: Slavery Acrostic-Due by Wednesday
Thursday: Finish Tombstone if not done in class.

Week of 10/2-10/6: 
Students will be finishing up Lifestyle Differences between the North and South in the 1800's and begin to learn about Slavery in America in the 1800's. All students have now joined my Google Classroom so assignments will frequently be posted there.
1. If students have not finished their Graphic Organizers about the lifestyle differences, they are due tomorrow.
2. Google Slide with Comparison Diamante Poem due Wednesday.
3. Readworks article which was assigned last week is due by Wednesday as well. This assignment is found at ; students were shown last week how to login.

Week of 9/25-9/30
Students will be given their first vocabulary list in class on Monday. After completing the list, they will be given their homework assignment.
Students will also be learning about the geographical, economical, societal, and transportation differences between the North and the South in the 1800's. This is the beginning of our unit on the Causes of the Civil War.
HOMEWORK: Graffiti Vocabulary- please click here for the directions. Due by Friday September 30th.

Week of 9/18-9/20:

This week we will be covering the Mexican-American War and Manifest Destiny. Students will take an open note quiz on Wednesday.
HOMEWORK: Due by Wednesday.
SUMMARIZE the Louisiana Purchase. Make sure to explain how this benefited the United States.
SUMMARIZE Manifest Destiny. Make sure to include how this idea benefited the United States.
SUMMARIZE the War of 1812. Make sure to include how this war had positive outcomes for the United States.

*When you SUMMARIZE, you must include the who, what, where, when, why, and how of
the situation.

Click Here for the Manifest Destiny Google Slideshow; Click Here for the Infographic Notes

Click Here for the Mexican-American War Google Slideshow; Click Here for the Infographic Notes

BONUS Question: Research the political slogan "Tippacanoe and Tyler too." Tell me for what political party this was use, in what year, and what two candidates it represented.

 Week of 9/11-9/15:
This week we will be working on Westward Expansion, the Louisiana Purchase, and the War of 1812. There will not be any new homework this week. 
Click here for the Westward Expansion Google Slideshow
Click here for the Louisiana Purchase Google Slideshow
              Louisiana Purchase Notes-click here
Click here for the War of 1812 Google Slideshow
      War of 1812 Notes-click here

 HOMEWORK: Week of 9/4-9/8
9/6-Work on your Interactive Notebook Cover and Title Page; both will be checked next Tuesday. Directions are listed below to help create a cover page.

Required School Supplies for 8th grade U.S. History
In this classroom, students will create what is called an interactive notebook. It is a great way for the students to stay organized and help them to study in a more organized fashion. With that being said, it is really important that you purchase the correct size spiral bound notebook. As long as you do, they will not need to replace it throughout the year.
* 1 MEAD 3 Subject or larger spiral bound notebook with a vinyl cover-Please make sure that the notebook pages are large enough that a regular 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of notebook paper can be glued into it without folding it in half; it is really important for their organization that the correct size is purchased.
* Glue Sticks (at least two-will probably need to replenish throughout the year)
* Colored Pencils
* Pencils/Blue or Black Pens/at least 1 highlighter
* Charged I-Pad (once they have been given out)

 Directions for Interactive Notebook Cover Page
*The public library has printers if you do not have a printer at home to use to print off your work.

Example of Cover Page for Interactive Notebook
**Tip-If you are using Microsoft Word to create your cover page, after you have inserted your picture, right click on the picture, select Format Picture, then Wrap text, and choose Tight. This will allow you to move them anywhere you want within your document.

**Google Slides is another great tool you can use to create a cover page as well.


REMIND: I use this app to send out "Reminder" notices about homework and projects. Please click here to get the directions as to how to sign up.

Curriculum/Goal: Students will demonstrate an understanding of American History beginning with the Civil War and continuing the whole way up through the impact and life of citizens during the Progressive Era.  They will be able to explain the many connections between the past, present, and future. 

Click here to watch a video about what we will be studying this year in class!

Assignments and Skills:  
There will be many different types of assignments provided to students this year in class such as, daily warm-ups, summaries of main topics, quizzes, review questions, etc. There are several assignments that are required by all 8th grade Social Studies students across the district. Those assignments include:

  • A 2-3 page research paper including a thesis statement, internal citations, and a bibliography
  • A technology based project such as a power point, google slideshow or some other interactive project.
  • A creative writing piece
  • A 1-2 page informative essay
  • I also require my students to read at least 1 historical fiction book of their choice and complete an assignment to demonstrate their understanding of what they have read.
  • Skills that will be taught/reviewed include but are not limited to: note-taking using Cornell notes, summarizing and restating in your own words, research skills, analyzing primary and secondary source documents, reading non-fiction text, highlighting important information, etc.