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Week of October 16 - 20

Monday - Finish cultural region map. Pick a region and two topics you wish to research. Start thinking about what type of project you are going to create to present your information.
Tuesday -  Begin research. By end of the period, you should have 
         most of the information you need. Decide what type of project you are going to do. If you need any supplies, make sure you bring them to school.
Wednesday - WORST JOKE WEDNESDAY :) Finish research and begin organizing your project
Thursday - Project

Friday -  Project

Have a great weekend. Supply list is provided below:

WELCOME TO ARMSTRONG and 7th Grade Social Studies!

Social Studies this year for 7th grade is a Survey of US History - from the first people to the Mexican War with a little geography thrown into the mix!

We do keep a notebook which will be graded periodically (and often unannounced:) Notebook quizzes will be given throughout the year and are also unannounced.  
Supplies needed include:
    - a three ring binder - I have found that most students tend to
      do better when their notebook is in just one binder (1"or so),   
      but if a larger binder with dividers works for you, that's fine
      with me.

    - pens & pencils, 
    - a folder with pockets if your 3 ring binder doesn't have any
    - colored pencils 
    - highlighters
    - notebook paper and hole reinforcements.
    - a glue stick

January 11-15

Essential Questions - Why did colonies begin to develop in the "New World"?
                               How did the environment affect the development of the colonies?

Completed map of the US is due no later than Friday of this week! 

Monday - Continue working on colony project.  Study states and capitals of the Northeast
              region of the United States. Quiz will be Wednesday or Thursday.  Use our 
              states and capitals page (look to the right of this page) to help you study.

Tuesday - Same a Monday :)

Wednesday - Last day for project. Final products will be collected at the end of the period. 
                    Study for quiz - it's tomorrow.

Thursday - Quiz on Northeast region (location and name of state and its capital).  
                 Map of Southeast - begin studying- quiz will be next Tuesday.  Introduce
                 the beginning of colonization of North America: complete map. Brainstorm
                 reasons for colonization, introduce The Lost Colony.

Friday - Finish The Lost Colony.

Have a Great Weekend :) 

January 4 - 8

Essential Questions - Why did colonies begin to develop in the "New World"?
                               How did the environment affect the development of the colonies?

Monday - Workshop Day - No school for you :)

Tuesday - Getting back into the swing of things: We will be starting TWO new topics; states 
                and capitals as well as Colonization. Today you will update notebooks, get new
                seats, conference with me on your grades/progress or lack there of, and fill in a
                map of the US.
                You will be responsible for memorizing the states, their capitals, and where they are
                located. You will be quizzed on each region AFTER we review each one. There is a 
                page on this website dedicated to the states and capitals - please use it if 
                necessary and remember to STUDY!!!!!
                HW - Finish map of US (labeling states only - not capitals) and color code 
                         each region. Remember to include a key so you know which region
                         is which color.

Wednesday - Introduce second unit - Colonization. Objectives sheet with new vocabulary will
                    be distributed (page 30 in notebook) then we will discuss your Build A Colony
                    Group Project - Discuss/explain project and expectations, due dates, etc. 
                    Begin first phase of project.

Thursday - First region for states and capitals: The Northeast - fill in map then work on
                Colony Project. HW - Study states, capitals, and location in Northeast
                Region.  Quiz next Tuesday.

Friday - Work on colony project - HW - Study Northeast region - quiz Tuesday.

Have a great weekend :)

December 14-18

Essential Question - What motivated exploration and what impact did it have on Native

Monday - Explorer Scavenger Hunt - Complete research.

Tuesday - Create 'trading card' for explorer.

Wednesday - Complete timeline for the Age of Exploration

Thursday - Pinwheels

Friday - Finish pinwheels. Merry Christmas! Have a safe and fun filled holiday break!

See you January 5th. 

Week of November 16-20

Unit 2 - Native Americans - Wrap it up and being Unit 3 European Explorers

Essential Question - What motivated exploration and what impact did it have on Native

Monday - Native American Myths for anyone who would like to share theirs - extra credit for
                the brave :)  NearPod interactive presentation.            
Tuesday -  Finish NearPod presentation - wrap up Native American Unit. There will be a
                   notebook quiz tomorrow so make sure you bring your notebook to class and it
                   it up-to-date!

Wednesday - Introduce European Explorers - I Can Sheet, vocabulary- Work on vocab 
                  assignment which is do NO LATER than Monday, November 23rd.

Thursday -   QR Code Investigation :) Motivation, Accomplishments, Impact on Native
                       Americans.  HW - Work on vocabulary assignment - Due NO LATER
                       than Monday, November 23rd.

Friday -     Same as yesterday, make chart displaying answers to QR Code investigation.
                     Each group will present charts - group with most correct wins a prize :)

Have a great weekend!